Responsible Investor

Responsible Investment Strategy

Growthfund aims to become widely recognized for its responsible investment strategy, serving as a model for all State-Owned Enterprises in Greece by following the best practices of Sovereign Wealth Funds worldwide.

As a Responsible Investor, Growthfund leverages international experience and best practices for the sustainable and inclusive development of its portfolio assets, with the goal of delivering long-term returns through well-managed and sustainable companies and investments.

Growthfund has completed its Sustainability Strategy with the support of EBRD, enabling the implementation of ESG objectives based on guiding principles that align with the nature of Growthfund as a Sovereign Wealth Fund. These principles extend to all activities, management processes, and investment decisions of State-Owned Enterprises.

Greece’s Continued Distinction on the Global Sovereign Wealth Funds Scoreboard

Greece’s dedication to sustainable development has garnered recognition again in 2023, placing it among the fastest countries in effective capital management based on ESG criteria. This achievement is mainly attributed to the Growthfund adopting environmental, social, and governance standards.

Specifically, according to the GSR Scoreboard, which assessed 81 countries and 200 Public Investment Funds on Governance, Sustainability, and Resilience, Greece has significantly improved its ranking. Thanks to the efforts of Growthfund, climbed 14 spots, from 28th to 14th, and improved its score by 20 percentage points, from 60% to 80%, versus 2022.


The GSR Scoreboard serves as a “barometer” evaluating best practices with narrow and unbiased criteria. From the assessment of 2022, it is evident that dominant investors are making efforts to become more transparent and sustainable. However, resilience remains an evolving concept that will be tested again under the current economic environment.

Moreover, the 60% proportion is derived from the correlation of GSR at a national level, among other parameters, and the assessment of creditworthiness for public debt as measured by leading agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch Ratings. Greece has been assigned an alphanumeric rating of BB/BA2 (on a rating scale ranging from D to AAA). This evaluation from the top three providers of transparent and independent assessments in global capital and commodity markets carries significant weight, signifying an exceptional recognition for attracting potential investors to our country.