Investment Strategy

Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy has been designed to deliver a well-balanced and diversified portfolio that will maximize sustained long-term returns without incurring undue risk.

Growthfund aspires to contribute to financial stability, good governance, and excellence, while enhancing the professionalism in the operation of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and other Greek institutions. Therefore, Growthfund’s role is essential for ensuring high-quality governance in SOEs and realizing investments aimed at expanding future value for Greek citizens. Simultaneously, it creates positive productive effects for society.

Our portfolio, both existing and potential, covers all major asset classes and incorporates multiple distinct investment strategies. With this approach, we are able to achieve an effective balance between investment risk and returns, while actively seeking to add significant value through active management.

Our goal is to achieve long-term sustainable returns, for the maximum benefit of our subsidiaries and participations, as well as the beneficiaries of Growthfund, namely the national economy, citizens, and the environment.
As the National Investment Fund of Greece, Growthfund focuses on the prudent supervision and management of its assets for the benefit of future generations.

Investment Strategic Objective

Accelerating Greece’s economic growth and transformation, while promoting social welfare by leveraging a strong ESG Strategy as a key enabler.

Furthermore, a strategic goal of Growthfund is for its subsidiaries to comply with the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been selected for each subsidiary within the group and are closely monitored. Growthfund’s portfolio covers 6 different sectors and comprises 18 subsidiaries and participation. Some of the portfolio companies are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

Investment Perimeter by Scope

  • SOEs Portfolio
  • Real Estate
  • Value Portfolio (new investments)
  • Growth and Impact (new investments)
  • Reserves

Value Creation Levers

  • Implementation of strong Governance mechanisms
  • Appointment of subsidiaries’ boards
  • Capital maximization
  • Operational restructuring & digitalization
  • Robust investment process for the investment strategy
  • Investment risk monitoring system

Investment Impact

  • Growth of the Greek economy
  • Prosperity for the citizens
  • Extrovert and competitive services
  • Open minded culture open to the world
  • Environment and climate sustainability
  • Social Justice and Inequalities mindful