An attractive investment destination

Greece is now firmly positioned on the international economic map, consistently establishing itself as an attractive investment destination and a reliable partner. In an extremely competitive economic environment and amidst increasing global challenges, the country manages to maintain its status as a strong regional hub for development.

Despite prolonged uncertainty due to successive waves of the pandemic worldwide, the Greek economy demonstrates remarkable resilience, adaptability, flexibility, and dynamism.

The international investment community’s perception of the country is steadily improving, and global enterprises recognize significant advantages in Greece, such as the quality and skills of its human capital, particularly in knowledge-intensive sectors with high added value, such as technology, innovation, and energy.

The implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, along with the establishment of new digital structures in the Greek public sector, and a focus on green sustainable development, position the country even more prominently on the international investment map.

Greece’s comparative advantages are driving a significant shift towards a more outward-looking, competitive, and environmentally friendly production model. With a more efficient and digitized state and a growth-oriented tax system, the country is poised for success.

In this national endeavor, Growthfund plays a crucial role as an ambassador for Greece. Through its portfolio of subsidiaries and investments, it contributes to enhancing the country’s credibility within the international investment community.

Active Shareholder & Responsible Investor

As an active shareholder and responsible investor, Growthfund fosters the transformation of its portfolio companies, strengthens their sustainability, and upgrades their governance model. Thus, it creates the development conditions for a people-, environment- and economy-centered production model.

For the second consecutive year in 2023, Greece has been ranked among the fastest-growing countries in terms of effective capital management with ESG criteria, thanks to Growthfund’s response in adopting environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria. According to the GSR Scoreboard, which evaluated 81 countries and 200 Sovereign Wealth Funds for progress in Governance, Sustainability, and Resilience, Greece has improved its ranking by 14 places – moving from 28th to 14th – and increased its score by 20 percentage points – from 60% to 80% – compared to 2022.


Strategic Advantages

Geographical location of the country, crossroads to civilizations and continents

Multilingual human capital

Competitive wage rates

Favorable regulatory framework

Telecommunications and broadband infrastructure

Affordable real estate market

Outstanding climate and quality of life

EU membership ensuring stability, security, and prosperity

Strategically positioned as the gateway to three continents

Greece’s time zone coverage spans over 2 billion people, providing access to approximately 30% of the world’s population and representing 25% of global GDP