Message by the Sole Shareholder

Supreme body: the General Assembly of the Ministry of Finance

In these critical times we live in, amidst an ever-changing environment fraught with significant internal and external challenges, we recognize the vital role that the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) is called upon to fulfil and we wholeheartedly support its work.

At the core of the company’s endeavors lies its strategic plan, formulated based on up-to-date directives from the Ministry of Finance.

This plan rests upon three fundamental pillars: enhancing the company’s economic performance, fostering the growth of the Greek economy, and promoting a higher quality of life for citizens, with a strong emphasis on social and environmental impact.

HCAP is driven by a distinct public purpose, which entails an elevated expectation for transparency, social effectiveness, accountability, meritocracy, and responsiveness to the needs of the nation’s citizens. These expectations permeate every facet of the company’s operations and its subsidiaries.

Moreover, the company is steadfast in its commitment to steadily and gradually increase the value of its portfolio. This is achieved through the use of performance and efficiency indicators, as well as the attainment of specific goals, all with the aim of generating dividends for the Greek State. These dividends play a crucial role in reducing debt and financing the Public Investment Program. Additionally, HCAP’s portfolio comprises state-owned enterprises that hold social and economic significance.

Therefore, these businesses must meet stringent criteria for the quality of their services and products, while adhering to principles of corporate governance, social responsibility, sustainability, and green development.

The Ministry of Finance plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. As the Sole Shareholder of the Company, the Greek State, represented by the Minister of Finance, acts as the crucial link between the Company and the public administration. This relationship operates within the existing institutional framework and the Company’s Internal Regulations.

Our vision for HCAP, with its new strategic plan, is to become a role model for European counterparts, making a substantial contribution to increasing domestic value added, realizing investments, and creating high-quality job opportunities. Our goal is to transform the country’s productive model, generating equitable value for the economy, citizens, and the environment.