2022-2024 Strategic Plan

As an active shareholder and responsible investor, Growthfund prioritizes the transformation of its portfolio companies, enhancing their sustainability and upgrading their governance model. It assumes an active role in managing its portfolio companies, with the goal of creating added value and ensuring enhanced services for citizens and consumers. Additionally, it strengthens its investment role by channelling its resources into growth initiatives and reinvesting in the Greek economy.

Strategy at a glance

The 2022-2024 Strategic Plan presents a comprehensive reform agenda for Growthfund’s portfolio members while outlining its investment role in the Greek economy. This includes financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as specific targets related to economic and sustainable development, as well as timelines to transform Growthfund into a Sovereign Wealth Fund, in line with international standards and best practices.


Growthfund, acknowledging its role as the executive arm of public policy and in the context of its Strategic Plan implementation, has designed an asset management framework.

Major initiatives

Growthfund, as an active shareholder, has implemented several initiatives to ensure the optimal management of public assets.

These initiatives encompass:

Sustainability as a lever for Growthfund’s portfolio transformation:

Sustainable development as a lever for Growthfund’s portfolio transformation: Our ambition, as the country’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, is to develop a world-class sustainability and ESG strategy, while implementing our role as an asset manager and responsible investor.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Public Enterprises

Customer Satisfaction Index
Employee Engagement Index
Trust Index
Digital Transformation Index
Decarbonization Index
Diversity & Inclusion Index