Sustainability in the Growthfund subsidiaries

A pioneering initiative for public sector companies

Prompted by Growthfund, portfolio companies have taken a groundbreaking step by issuing Sustainable Development Reports over reference year 2022 – most of them for the very first time. This is a pioneering initiative for public sector companies as only financial reports have been published so far.

The publication and establishment of Sustainable Development Reports by Growthfund and its subsidiaries enhance transparency and access to non-financial information. This initiative also sensitizes and informs the public about the subsidiaries’ initiatives regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance / Sustainability areas. Each subsidiary of Growthfund has developed a specialized ESG Action Plan, monitored through specific sub-KPIs focusing on the pillars of Environment, Society, and Governance.

Crafted in alignment with global sustainability standards including GRI, SASB, and TCFD recommendations, these reports are customized to reflect the unique characteristics of each company, ranging from their size and maturity to their industry sector.