Our People

A hospitable working environment for all

Growthfund provides a warm and inclusive work environment for everyone. Our team members work together in a highly esteemed and award-winning workplace, recognized as a Great Place To Work, located at the heart of Athens. Our collective goal is to create a prosperous future for the nation’s assets and fully fully leverage their future growth potential.

Driven by a shared set of values, our people play a vital role in the Greek Economy, contributing and aligning to the principles of good governance to the success of the 18 subsidiaries and participations in our portfolio.

Growthfund’s mission is to be a responsible asset steward, gradually evolving into a strategic investor with the aim of benefiting future generations through present day initiatives.

Individually and collectively, we embrace this mission and strive for excellence in every endeavor.

At Growthfund, our people are our priority, and we actively encourage and support them in making their unique “impact” in every endeavor. Our culture embraces diversity, inclusion, and sincerity, fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and contribute their best.

Career Opportunities at Growthfund

Growthfund’s employees are the driving force, bringing genuine human capital to the forefront and generating substantial value. Their passion and dedication contribute significantly to the overall success and growth of the company. Our people support Growthfund’s portfolio companies while creating opportunities for personal development.


Why join our team

Joining Growthfund opens doors to a multitude of opportunities for every employee to cultivate and refine their personal skills, abilities, and experiences, preparing them for new roles and exciting challenges. Each experience and opportunity for growth equips individuals with valuable assets that can substantially shape and advance their career paths in various ways.

Our fundamental and leadership competencies, including effective communication, seamless teamwork, adaptability, a results-driven approach, unwavering integrity, strong networking capabilities, outstanding leadership, and strategic acumen, collectively define our thoughts, actions, and behaviors as both individuals and a cohesive team.