About Us

Who we are

Growthfund, the National Fund of Greece, is a holding company founded in 2016. It is the asset manager of a major portfolio of state-owned enterprises.

Through its initiatives Growthfund manages public assets, contributing to the national prosperity and economic growth. Through strategic investments, Growthfund strives to make the economy, the citizens and the environment equal beneficiaries of its vision.

Growthfund aims at maximizing national wealth by adding value to the 18 subsidiaries and participations in its portfolio.
The group’s portfolio companies provide over 31,000 jobs and have a strong impact on every aspect of citizens’ everyday lives, as they are operating in six key sectors of the economy

  • Energy
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Real Estate Management
  • Postal Services
  • Food & Supply
€5.5B Assets under Management
25k+ People
16 Subsidiaries & Participations
6 Investment Sectors